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MP3 to Text Transcription Services: How Helpful They Are?

These are a few case examples of how MP3 to text transcription Services has been able to step in and relieve companies of the burden of hiring additional personnel or incurring costly overtime to handle special projects or even handle daily routine tasks. Many companies have pared down clerical staff substantially, and extraordinary projects could not be handled in-house in a timely and cost-effective manner. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Example 1: After 9/11, a large New York State agency conducted interviews of its subagencies and their clients regarding how the events affected them. The agency’s small clerical staff could not handle the additional workload, and we transcribed the numerous interviews conducted over a period of six months. We signed an agreement assuring the State agency that all information would be kept confidential.

Example 2: A large New York City law firm was handling a complex insurance litigation and received during the discovery process audiocassettes of in-house insurance company teleconferences which took place over several years. MP3 to text transcription Services stepped in to relieve the law firm of the burden of hiring additional in-house staff or incurring staff overtime expenses.

Example 3: A large organization on the West Coast that holds classes and seminars that are recorded needs ongoing transcription of these sessions to distribute to participants and to writers who update their programs. They do not have a typing or word processing staff, and we handle this work as routine business.

Example 4: Several attorneys located in New York and New Jersey use MP3 to text transcription Services as their clerical staff. These attorneys have very small offices with no room for receptionists or secretaries, and some of them travel frequently. Our staff types all their legal documents and correspondence and communicates with them wherever they are, and we also handle a variety of minor paralegal functions. The attorneys save on salaries and benefits for staff as well as on rents for large enough offices to accommodate such personnel.